Electronic Cigarettes Banned in Australia?

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I’m looking at buying an elusion electronic cigarette off a website, I live in Australia. It can ship to Australia. What I’m looking at is nicotine free.
I plan to buy one at the end of June.
Seeing as electronic Cigarettes are apparently already banned in Australia, is it possible for them to become unavailable before June?
But I was just wondering if laws are going to get any more strict any time soon.


4 Responses to “Electronic Cigarettes Banned in Australia?”
  1. Joe B says:

    I don’t see how your country can ban a device that helps people stop smoking, either you’re mistaken or AU is a bunch of morons mate.

  2. ROBERT says:

    Poor poor Australians have to live under a tyrantical government that they elected. Do I hear violins playing in the background.

  3. MasterC says:

    that sux like really bad. I got mine from http://www.ecigsavings.com/ they have all sorts of reviews on all the top rated brands. Im sorry that aussie blocking you yo.

  4. Kate says:

    Hi Alex. I think most vapers in Aus import from China but I think you’d get the best advice from the horses mouth: http://forums.aussievapers.com/index.php